Pegasus Spyware — Working, and advance safety tips Full Guide Explained

How is Pegasus Installed on a Phone?

But then the Spyware also gained some new Abilities

Which Smartphones are supported?

What can Pegasus Do?

  • The spyware can steal passwords, contacts, text messages, and photos.
  • Almost Everything can be controlled from taking screenshots to self-destructing smartphones.

How to get RID of Pegasus?

Should you worry about pegasus?

This Doesn’t mean there are no new variants of Pegasus there

How to be safe from spyware or malware

  • Don’t Click on unknown malicious links.
  • Don’t open email attachments from an unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy source.
  • Keep your device up to date with the latest build.
  • Use latest applications versions.
  • Don’t use unknown sources applications. Download apps from the play store or app store.
  • Don’t jailbreak or root your device.
  • Turn off unnecessary services WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, GPS, etc.
  • Use your own charging cable or adapter to prevent juice jacking.




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